We Put the Art in Parties

How many caterers have a Director of Fun? Ours will take your party seriously – so you can relax and become one of the guests. Whatever the occasion, our expertise will give it that distinctive flare.

We have created parties of all sizes and accommodated a variety of budgets. If you want something unique, ask about a themed event.

How to plan

There are many things to consider when planning a party. We’re here to help you get it right.

Most Cocktail Parties swing from 7–10 pm. Ish. That means your guests will not likely have eaten before the event. Some of them might expect to fill up on hors d’oeuvre and call it dinner.

People love our hors d’oeuvre. Maybe it’s because they’re such pretty little parcels of yumminess. Or because they’re so scrumptious and fun to pop in your mouth. A true cocktail menu should plan for 8-10 pieces per guest, about $12-15 per person. And remember that if some of your guests should help themselves to 12 or 20, our servers will be too polite to stop them.

A cocktail menu provides savoury little bites of delight to nibble with cocktails. Often before dinner, sometimes after dinner, but not instead of dinner. If you want to provide enough hors d’oeuvre to satisfy a dinner appetite, plan for 20-25 pieces per guest. That will add up to about $30-$40 per person. A full buffet dinner, on the other hand, with second helpings, starts from $20 per person.

Our point? Hors d’oeuvre are beautiful but labour-intensive, and therefore more costly than a traditional dinner. This is a good point to keep in mind when you’re doing a cost comparison of different events.

Let Them Eat Cake

Let your imagination go wild. We will be pleased to create the cake of your dreams. Call or e-mail to discuss menu ideas.

The Bar is Open

The New Manhattan can take care of your alcohol requirements. We have an extensive knowledge of wine and food pairing. We have also invented a few rather tasty cocktails (click here for a sample cocktail menu). Clients must obtain liquor licenses and we will charge a corking fee of 30% of the total alcohol cost. Call or e-mail to discuss.

We Deliver

We deliver deliciousness throughout the Lower Mainland whether you require a boardroom lunch or a formal dinner. Click here for delivery rates, minimum order information and conditions.

Friendly and Attentive

Our staff are professionally trained in food and beverage service, tastefully uniformed and absolutely committed to looking after all the details. Click here for catering staff hourly rates and conditions.

Corporate Accounts

We specialize in corporate functions and offer businesses the convenience of paying by Visa or Mastercard. Call or e-mail to discuss your corporate event.

We would like to thank Celebration Party Rentals for consistently providing us with such beautiful table settings for our events. They help put the art in parties, too.